Duct Cleaning & Repair

SMS cleans the surfaces of ductwork, louvers, registers, heating and cooling coils and component parts to the air-handler systems in accordance with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) guidelines in homes and facilities. SMS is a 20 year recipient of NADCA's safety award and maintains all certifications. We also safely remove and replace old and failing insulation.

All air duct systems and components wear over time; duct leakage can decrease efficiency; drain pans can corrode and leak; duct insulation can fragment into the air stream impacting the IAQ; mold can grow anywhere inside the system when moisture is present. SMS offer services such as leakage testing, duct sealing, coating and drain pan restoration to increase the life expectancy on all your equipment, improve energy efficiency and save money. We are a HardCast Authorized Applicator.

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